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Monday, July 19, 2010

Beastie-isms - Age 35 months + 3 weeks

Can you believe Beastie will be three in just a few more days? That's right, just eight days till her birthday. She talks so much now, and she's so funny. Here're a few examples.

"Better not try to walk on the water, Mom. You might get died. Use a bridge. Or a boat!"

"I love you so much. But I don't love when spiders get all over you!"

"It would be so bad if a horse came and stomped all over you!!"

"I like my room, Mom, but I don't like when the ghost gets in there and rubs his back on my bed."

"I don't like beavers, because they eat children."

"I hope you never make me eat poop, because it's very, very stinky."

"I have a friend named Ella, and her friend Stacy said I could eat all these cookies if I want to." (Note: We don't know anyone named Ella or Stacy.)

She's working on becoming passive aggressive too ... today she couldn't open a bag with a toy in it, and she asked for help twice but no one was able to help her. Angry, she threw the toy down and said, "Fine! I guess I'll never be able to play with this toy again!!"

And when I say something that makes her cry, such as hollering at her for hitting, she says through her tears, " Thanks a LOT, Mom! Now you made me cry! You ruined my LIFE!"


Megan said...

I enjoy your blog post. It's remind me on my childhood.Thank you for sharing.

Jenny said...

How cute! I love her attempts at guilt.

Yesterday my 3-year-old decided I was pregnant again. I've been doing a little stress eating lately, but geez. I felt like such a fool arguing with her (NO! There's no baby! No, there's not, there's really NOT! Stop saying that!). She even put her hand on my belly and said the baby was kicking. When I asked her why she thought there was baby in there she held her fingers up and said "cuz it's reallllly tiny." I'm just glad that, so far, she hasn't shared this with anyone else.

Pamela said...

hahaha..I like babies when they get angry. I have my kid too.. He was so funny.. I think that lil girl is very very cute. Great post. Keep on posting.

Big Mama Cass said...

HAHA Kids are funny like that :)