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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barack Obama's Worn Shoes

Okay, I know this has been all over the Internet lately, but it just means so much to me, for whatever reason. This photo originally appeared in the May 19, 2008 issue of Time Magazine, and is copyrighted by Callie Shell. You can see a larger image - and many more heartwarming photographs - at

Original caption reads: Senator Obama was doing press interviews by telephone in a holding room between events. Sometime later as he was getting ready to begin his event, he asked me if I was photographing his shoes. When I said yes, he told me that he had already had them resoled once since he entered the race a year earlier. Providence, R.I., 3/1/2008.


Gloria Lemay said...

That is such a beautiful photo. Speaks volumes. I clicked on the link to see more but it didn't work. Could you check it?

Thanks for linking to my blog, too. Gloria Lemay
Vancouver BC Canada

"Praying for a new day for my American neighbours."

Super Ninja Mommy said...

Thanks Gloria! Checked the link... fixed it! :-)