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Friday, November 7, 2008

1. i am still sick, but not as close to death as yesterday.

2. i am not mad at the hub anymore.

3. i got a prescription for birth control today.

4. my foot itches and no matter how much i scratch it, it still itches.

5. i ate a chili-cheese burger from checkers today, and some fries, and a coke too.

4. other than chili-cheese burgers, i can't eat meat because i feel like i am eating dead bodies.

5. my throat and my chest hurt really bad but my face feels a lot better, and no fever.

6. i am going to sort my coupons today, and put them in a spreadsheet.

7. i am going to eat a bowl of just bunches. the caramel kind. i never had it before.

8. if i could go anywhere in the world, i would go to the canadian rockies and build a log cabin.

9. it would take me 22 days and 5 hours to walk to alberta, according to google maps.

10. when the kids are grown i am going to walk to the canadian rockies. when i get there i will build a log cabin.

the end.

ps if i went to visit my friend jill in achorage alaska, i could walk there in 49 days and 18 hours. but if i walk to alberta first, then when i am done building my log cabin i can walk to jill's house and it would only take me 27 days and 13 hours. also when i build my log cabin i am going to build it from scratch and use clay to chink it and i will whittle out pegs instead of nails. and i am going to make it have a big stone chimney. the cabin will be about 10 feet by 14 feet, and it will be really cool. i will be like the ninja chick version of survivor man.

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