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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Guess what, it's Saturday. Which means if i am very lucky, I get a couple hours (eeeee!) to myself! EJ and Four went to my Grandma's house for a visit, so I've just go the two babies today. And somehow they are both sleeping at the same time, and no I did not drug them. For whatever inexplicable reason, they are both taking a nap, and I am not one to question a rare Midas touch.

So I did something super-duper fun for the first half hour of the nap - coupon organizing! Whee! And then I fed the cat, because she was bugging me, and then I ate some chocolate chip cookie dough. Because I'm a grown up and I can do that if I want.
[When I was a kid I used to say 'When I'm grown I'll eat a whole cake at one sitting!' - but I have yet to. It's kind of unpalatable now.]

The babies are having their pictures taken this evening, which is another reason I am mega-grateful for this afternoon nap. The older kids got theirs done at school, and since this is my first year of having kids at school, I realize that I have seriously underestimated the usefulness of having someone else deal with your child for a few hours a day - and take their picture too, and somehow have it come out looking half-way decent. Four had ripped up jeans on for her picture day, and for whatever reason the photographer had her put her knee up for the picture, so it's real obvious. But we didn't do retakes because that's all Four ever wears on normal days, is the most ripped up stained up nastiest clothes she can find.

.......and the whining has begun. Which means if I don't go get her now, it'll be screaming, not whining, and that's never good.

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