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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Translating Fifteen Month Jargon to English

ha-eeeee : hi
bah-bah-eeee : bye bye
beeeeeeee : please {never used in context}
bock-ooo : thank you
beck-ah : you're welcome
beh-buh : belly button
bud-duh : brother
gog : dog
ki : kitty
yah-yew : love you
Dod-dee : Daddy
bom-ba : Mommy {yeah I can't figure this one out either}
bay-beeee: baby
dicky : stinky {always accompanied by pinching nose}
dight-duh : diaper
guckle-guckle - I don't know but she says it all the time

Beastie's first sentence? Dicky Dod-dee!

1 comment:

Baby Bunching said...

I am totally cracking up! Thanks for the laugh. I did this same dictionary with my kids. It's funny to read over now.