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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Population of Cincinnati, according to three little girls.

When you start to see Cincinnati from the north, you first see these weird houses. There are tons and tons of them and they're really old, but what's weird is, they're really tall and really narrow. I mean, crazy narrow. If you were on one side of the house, you could cough and launch yourself to the couch on the other side. They're that narrow.

Then you see big tall buildings. Not like New York City or Chicago, but more than you'd ever see near our house. And thus, the conversation I overheard in the back seat.

Four: This is a big city. How many people do you think live here?

M: Maybe like two million.

EJ: No, a zillion!

Four: Or sixty.... baby.... WABBITS!!


Valerie said...

The real question is, did you get to see "Touchdown Jesus" on your way into Cincinnati? Because if you didn't, it is definitely worth a drive by! I love Ohio!

Lisa said...

I think the houses you're referring to are called shotgun houses, supposedly because you could shoot a shotgun straight through from the front door to the back door or some such craziness. But I think they're def home to 60 baby wabbits. That's a pretty smart observation.