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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Closing the Blog.

The title says it all. I have nothing more to talk about. I've run out of topics and lost my motivation.

Plus I think blogging is kind of cliche. I'm pretty sure blogging is on it's way out, actually. It'll resurface in a few decades, I'm sure, just like New Kids on the Block.

April Fools!!


Manic Mother said...


Lisa said...

Ha ha, very funny.
I love NKOTB too. They still look good. They were the first concert I ever saw, when I was 10!
Good times, the 80's.

Suzette said...

Fell for the April Fool's post and felt sad. But, we're good again! Random House sent me a book to review as well! Isn't blogging fun for the brain?

iMommy said...

Almost fell for that! lol :)