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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag... and Taking the Test.

So. I told my mom, which means I can tell all of you. I know you're going to say "Duh, Ninja Mom. We've known this for months," but listen. Maybe some of you don't know, so I'm telling you.

We're having a baby, and it's coming in October, and since we're doing a homebirth with a lay midwife, I won't be having any ultrasounds.

So tomorrow I am taking a Big, Important Test. It's the Intelligender Test, and the premise is, you pee in a cup, and there are little crystals in the cup. And the crystals in the cup bind to testosterone in your urine, and turn bluish green, so if your pee turns green, you're having a baby boy. If there isn't any testosterone in your pee, it turns a freaky orange color, and that means it's a girl. The makers of the test claim a 90% accuracy rate in the laboratory, with real life samples reporting 82% accuracy. That's not too far off the 90% ultrasound accuracy rate, so I figured it was worth the $35.

So I will take the test tomorrow and update with a photo (or maybe a video) of the results. I'd love to do a video, but that will depend on whether I clean my bathroom or not.


Manic Mother said...

Congrats! We are going to try for #3 soon too.

Anonymous said...

That test sounds pretty awesome, it will be interesting to see if it's accurate for you.