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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is exciting news for me. The Hub and I are about to become homeowners! We found a bank owned property that's just chock full of potential, and I absolutely love it. I did a little research and when this property was foreclosed on there was a single mortgage for $180K. That was over a year ago. The price has declined since then, because the house is "atypical" and hard to finance. There isn't a basement and the main part of the house has no bedrooms, just a loft. Weird right? But there is an addition, so when you're standing in the front landing, you can turn right and go up a few stairs and there's two bedrooms and a bathroom. These are technically above the garage but it's not like you have to go outside or anything. From the inside you don't realize that you're above the garage, it just seems like you're in another part of the house.

So right now the house is listed at - get this - $44K. We put in an offer of $28K and the bank is fully expected to accept it. I'm nervous though. I hate change, and on a scale of one to ten, this is a biggie. So while I love the house, I hate the thought of leaving. My kids have had so much fun here at this house, and I've put a lot of myself into it. The girls will have to change schools, which bothers me. EJ was homeschooled for Kindergarten and then went to KL for first grade, so this will be a really big change. She is sad because she made a lot of friends and she got a teacher she loves for second grade.

I feel like a bad mother for changing EJ's learning situation every school year. But we don't have a choice. We were being forced out. Minds have changed and now we're told we don't need to leave, but I can't put up with the stress of being evicted randomly for no reason. And it truly was no reason at all - rent had been paid and we hadn't broken any rules that were set forth in our lease. We were just sitting here minding our business when we got a phone call stating we had to pay an additional amount of money for an electric bill, and we had seven days to pay it or we had to leave. Well, I couldn't pay it - it was over $400. And I really questioned the legitimacy of this bill, because there's no way our family used $400 of electricity in one month. I was told to call the electric company but when I did, they wouldn't talk to me because I'm not on the account. The landlord is. Well that upset the landlord and she kicked us out. She didn't call the electric company to investigate or anything, she just kicked us out. That was last week and as far as I know, she still hasn't called to find out what the bill was for.

But here is what really hurts me more than anything. I was completely and totally deceived. She said that she needed that money (the power company had debited it from her account) because she had no money at all and was completely broke. She's family, and I sat here for days thinking about her not having anything to eat or money for gas in her car. I didn't like thinking about someone I loved being in that situation. So instead of buying groceries and paying my car insurance, I used that money toward the $411. I put the money in her bank account, and when I got the receipt, it showed that she had nearly three thousand dollars in her account. So my family is going without, all because she was deceitful. And I probably don't even owe the money anyway - I just did it out of the goodness of my heart because I didn't want bad things to happen to her. I will tell you this - should it become evident that I don't owe this money, I will totally freak out. Fuh-REAK. OUT.

Anyway, this is the type of drama that I just can't have in my life anymore. I have a family to care for and a life to live, and I don't have room for negativity and strangeness. It is unacceptable for my family to be treated that way, and I absolutely can't allow it.

So today I'm working on making phone calls for a land survey, since the plat map and the parcel information don't match. The plat map says there's 2 acres, but the parcel information (from which tax information is derived) says there's 3. I sure as hell don't intend to pay taxes on an acre I don't even own. And then I'm going to call about a termite inspection, and start dealing with boxes in the basement, so I don't have to worry about them when we move. It'll still be at least 6 weeks till we move, but I feel like I need to do something about this situation.

I'm so excited to have main floor laundry. I could seriously pee myself about that.


Lisa said...

Hey, owning a home is a good investment and it sounds like you're getting a great deal on a huge property, which is cool. We too will probably have to change our daughters school situation a couple of times in the next few years, which is upsetting, but at least you're doing it at the beginning of a school year when she'll have just as much time as everyone else to settle in. She'll be OK and overall this is going to be better for your family so let go of the guilt.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good deal - and you're doing your due diligence. Just make sure that you definitely get a good home inspector! Good luck and so sorry to hear about family drama.

Jennifer said...

Well, that just plain stinks. I hope she finds out what the heck was up with the bill and gives you your money back.

Either way, I'm glad you've found a house! Good luck!

Zeemaid said...

wow, what a steal of a deal. Hope it all works out for you. How exciting!!

Unbelievable that you'd get evicted just like that over something that's questionable. She should at least show you the bill. Crazy!

Stuff On My Blog said...

We got the boot like that once... we signed a 2yr lease, moved in and a month later the house was being foreclosed because the owner put the $ into keeping his business afloat instead of the MORTGAGE!?!?!

I'm totally envious of you being able to get out of the rental rat race.. the uncertainly sucks. Unfortunately for us, prices are going UP about 6% here this year!!!! :S Hope you get it and the move is smooth!