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Monday, June 8, 2009

Name Ideas for the New Baby

Here are the very few name ideas I've got so far.


Ellia (or maybe just one "l" - Elia)



Bah. This child could very well be a few days old before a suitable name is found.


Manic Mother said...

Does it have to start with an E? Here are some of suggestions. Elsie, Emory, and of course Ezra!

June & Sean said...

Eloise, for a girl. My favorite.

Lisa said...

I like Evie and Evan, in fact, those were names I considered for my own children. I also like Elijah a lot. I also really like Evangeline (although in my mind if I had another girl baby I would change it to Evangelee b/c I don't like the name Angela, and I think Evangeline with the N sounds too much like Angela). Ephraim sounds too old fashioned Bible-y in my humble opinion. What about Ella? Elliot? Esme? Everett?

Anonymous said...

Just a warning: old people often think you're saying Eliza when you say Elijah. DP's granny even put it on the birthday card AFTER I emailed her back with the correct name. Sigh.

If it doesn't have to start with E, I suggest Orion. I loved that name but E's middle name is Ova and our last name starts with an F so he would've had the initials OOF. So anyway that's the name I would go with. :)