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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Typical Coversation.

If you have a two year old (or, as in my case, a nearly two year old,) you will probably recognize the following conversation. Conversations of this type take place at least a hundred times a day at our house.

Her: Wook! Badybug!

Me: It does look like a ladybug, but that's called a fly.

Her: A badybug!

Me: No, a fly. Say FLY.

Her: Badybug!

Me: A ladybug is red with spots, and this guy is black, see? It's a fly.


Me: Fine. It's a ladybug.

Or another one...

Me: Let's put this new diaper on you!

Her: NO!

Me: It's got a nice pink cover, see?

Her: NO!

Me: But look, this is the cover you picked out yesterday!

Her: NO!

Me: It's special! Let's just put it on real quick.

Her: NO!

Me: Get your buns over here and put this diaper on RIGHT NOW. Seriously.

Her: I peed onna couch!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder to cherish the little time I have before he learns the word "NO".

mrs.notouching said...

That was great! :-)