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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Birthday Discussion.

We have this conversation every day. At least four or five times a day.

Beastie: Birthday?

Me: Yes, your birthday's coming soon. You will be two!

Beastie: No, fwee.

Me: No, two.

Beastie: No, one.

Me: No, two.

Beastie: NO! Seven!

Me: Fine, seven.

Beastie: No, Ishie TWO.

And then we talk about the party....

Beastie: Gabba cake? Gabba cake? Gabba cake?

Me: Yes, I'll make you a Gabba cake.

Beastie: And I-Meem! (ice cream)

Me: Yes, and ice cream.

Beastie: I eat it! Nom nom nom! (as she "feeds" herself like a chipmunk.)

And then it all come back around....

Beastie: Ishie birthday, sevennnnn!

Me: No, two.

Beastie: No, five.

Me: No, two.

Beastie: No, fwee.

Me: No, two.

Beastie: No! SEVEN!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Everytime I read a conversation you have with Beastie it makes me look forward to when my little bean starts talking in earnest. There is nothing better than the insane irrationality of a toddler.