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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slackalicious Round Upness.

Yes, it's true, I've been a blog slacker. The Hub came home from the hospital on Monday, and then my stepdaughter went home to Ohio yesterday, so it's been a really wacky week so far. I even missed out on my own meme. Then, I got a special invite from BlogHer (go me) and a couple requests for guest posts (go me again) and a lead on a new, very cool sponsor (go me again again.) So I was crazy busy dealing with all of that.

To make up for slacking, I've compiled a list of sites you just have to visit this week. They're not real people, because I simply can't pick and choose just a few that I love. I love all the blogs I read, and it's too hard to make a choice.

I know there's real people behind these blogs and sites, but they're huge, so it's no biggie.

Fail Blog - if you liked Jay Leno's "Headlines," check out Fail Blog. Generally rated PG13 and up - don't have kids around for this one. (Also, probably best not to read at work.)

Found Magazine - various things people find. Very cool.

Supraterannean - user submitted fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, and more.

Awkward Family Photos - you will LOL. Also, every time I go here, I realize how awkward the work "awkward" is.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the Fail blog and Awkward Family Photos. Have you read Cakewrecks and Lamebook yet? They are hilarious.