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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Squatter in my house!

The Hub went down to the new house last night around 11pm, since he couldn't sleep and figured it would be more comfortable to work in the cool night air. He vacuumed up some crap, and then decided to tear off the floor.

Here is where you need a little back story. Something massive happened in the kitchen at the new house, and of course I can't tell you for sure, but I think when the previous owners were foreclosed on, they plugged up the sink and let the water run. I say this because there is no evidence of a leak in any of the pipes or plumbing, yet the kitchen floor is complete toast and has to be removed. It's warped and rotten and was obviously very, very wet at some point. We knew this before we bought the house, because you can't miss it. It's terrible, but fixable.

So The Hub has been using a crowbar to pull up the sub floor. (You don't need a crowbar - it's so wasted, you could easily pull it up with your hands. But who would want to?) We've been piling this junk on the opposite side of the kitchen until we get a dumpster.

The Hub went in last night, and was feeling a little jumpy because it's very dark out there, and unfamiliar. He decided to put all that wet wood in the garage so he could finish tearing out the rest of the floor, and as he tossed the wood out the door, he noticed something moving.

It would appear we had a squatter living under the floor, and he looked just like this:

It's an Eastern Milk Snake, and it isn't at all dangerous, but it's not a nice thing to have living under your kitchen floor. I am mad at my husband. My husband killed this harmless, helpful creature, instead of putting him (her?) outside, where it belongs.

But he didn't know. He had never seen a snake like this. To him, it looked like a venomous snake someone might keep for a pet or something, and he was afraid it was dangerous. When he got home and described it to me, I told him what is was and showed him on the computer, and he felt pretty bad. After all, this snake is probably the reason why we have no mice in the house.

Not exactly the most comforting sight on a pitch black summer night though...


Anonymous said...

I would've just ran and not looked back.

jdaniel4smom said...

I don't think I could have handled the snake!

JDaniel4's Mom

Leigh Anne said...

That looks scary!!!

kg said...

Funny you mention this. Yesterday I happened to turn the TV on a movie that had the exact same type of snake in it, where one of the male characters ran from it screaming, and a female character brought it to him in her hands and said, "It's only a milk snake." At that time, I thought, "Holy crap, I don't know what 'only' a milk snake means, but I'd have freaked out at a snake with that coloring too! (Or any snake that caught me by surprise, for that matter...)