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Monday, August 31, 2009

Things Beastie Says, 25 months

Beastie turned two last month. She's two years, one month, and three days old, and she talks up a storm.

Here's a couple choice tidbits...

Her: Mom! Mom! Mama! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Me (interrupting): What?

Her: Come 'ere! Come 'ere! Come 'ere!

Me (interrupting): I am here. What do you want?

Her: Love you.


So we're playing around, and our new game is calling each other mean. She says I'm mean, and I pretend to cry, and she laugh and laughs. Then I say she's mean, and she pretends to cry, and then laughs. So I said to her, "Beastie, you're a meanie!" And she got all offended. She put her hands on her hips and said "I not a weenie! You no call me a weenie!"
I guess I can understand her indignation. In our house, a weenie is a body part, and not a very glamorous one at that.

This one is so precious. Beastie and Five will share a room at the new house, and right now it doesn't look too nice. It's freshly painted but has no floor coverings, just sub floor. Still, she loves it, and every time we go in there, she gets all excited and jumps up and down and says "My woom! My woom! MY WOOM!"

She gets potatoes and tomatoes mixed up, and no matter how hard you try to tell her different, she pleads her case to the very end. "It's a tomato," she says, pointing to a potato. "No," I tell her. That's a POTATO. Say PO-TAAAAA-to." Then she gets mad. "No it's NOT. It's a TO-MAAAA-to."
Then she tastes it. And she gets even madder. "Hey!" she says. "This a potato!" - Like I tricked her into eating it or something.

Whenever she says "shh," instead of putting her finger to her lips, she points to her nose.

How Beastie Counts:

One, two, fwee, bore, bife, sits, seben, eight, nine, ten, aweben, chweve, futeen, boreteen, bifteen, sitseen, sebenteen, eighteen, nineteen, CHWENNY!!!!


Stuff On My Blog said...

LMAO @ This a potato! That's too cute.. at 25months I was starting to wonder if my youngest would EVER talk! Finally at about 30 months the floodgates opened and nowdays it's hard to shut him up hehehe.

Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

That's adorable! My son used to call ANYTHING that flies a "ga-guy" (rhymes with butterfly, sorta). Now he still calls butterflies ga-guy, but he'll call a bird a bird and a bug a bug. No matter HOW often we get him to say the 'b' sound (which he CAN do), he won't put it into the word butterfly. Go figure!