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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Breakthrough in the Kitty Kaper.

Yesterday The Hub brought two stinky delicious cans of cat food to the old house. I guess he thought the cats were hiding somewhere and might be lured out with Mariner's Catch. (Check out the link - doesn't it just look irresistible? blech!)

This morning we went back, and wouldn't you know it, the cans were empty - licked clean, in fact - and there were no cats to be seen.

Now I know for a fact that the doors and windows are tightly closed, so it had to be the cats who ate the food, and not a raccoon or possum or something. They also drank all the water we left out, and used the litterbox. But do you think we can find them?

They're just gone - we've torn everything apart in the house and can't find them anywhere, but they must not be stuck, because they can get out to eat and drink.

So, we didn't feed them today. I am going to go tomorrow and put some cat food in a big dog crate I have, and sit quietly and wait for them. I didn't feed them because I want them to be good and hungry when I put the food out tomorrow. Even if I don't catch them, I want to see where they're hiding. If I don't catch them by Saturday, I am going to put live traps in the house on Sunday. I had wanted to find them a new home before this, but I just can't leave them there alone. That's cruel. If we don't find them a home, we'll just have to keep them in a separate room and hope for the best.


Momma Bear said...

oh geez, crazy cats! Your efforts are awesome.

Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

Good luck with the cats! I had to lure a cat out of a coal stove once - it's not fun because when a cat decides to hide somewhere, they can be stubborn about it!

Joanna said...

Try checking the ventilation. When I was little our cats loved to crawl inside the heating vents in the basement. It's warm and they feel safe.