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Monday, September 14, 2009

We Moved!!

I'm writing this post from my NEW HOUSE!

Actually, I'm not as excited as I sound. I'm happy and all that, but most of all I'm just extremely tired. We moved everything out of the old house and into the new one in just one day, which is quite a feat considering I had packed nothing. Nothing as in, literally, nothing. We packed and moved all in one sweep.

My new house is coming along I guess. There's still stuff everywhere, except the living room. The living room is nice and clean. The kitchen is about 95% done. EJ's bedroom is clean and neat, but she doesn't have a bed. She has her mattress on the floor but I haven't put the bed together yet - tomorrow, hopefully. Five and Beastie are sharing a room and it's all nice and finished.

I don't have any curtains yet, and that weirds me out. My house is situated in such a way that no one can see in here unless they come right up to the window and peep in, but I still feel really exposed without window coverings, especially at night.

We also ran into a problem with the electricity in kitchen. On one breaker we have an outlet, the dishwasher, and a small light above the sink. Everything blows the breaker, even the light. At first I thought the dishwasher was causing it, because every time I started it, pow! the breaker would flip. Then I thought it was the microwave - once again, whenever I tried to use it, the breaker would flip. Then I turned on the light, and it was again an audible pop and flipped breaker.

I have no idea why this is happening. We had the electrical all inspected and it was fine, but after inspection, The Hub's stepdad did some electrical work over there. Well, actually he didn't - what he did was change over our dishwasher. It was made to be hardwired in, but the new house doesn't have facilities for that (without tearing out the wall) so he switched the wiring over to a special plug. The outlet for the dishwasher was already in place, he only did work on the dishwasher itself.

That doesn't explain anything at all though, because if it was the plug, the breaker wouldn't pop with the light or the other outlet. I guess I'm going to need to hire an electrician.

And then, of course, I have been contemplating chickens. I have eleven acres here. It's mostly woods, but I've got plenty of clear space for a chicken coop. Whenever I get discouraged about moving and all the mess, I just think of chickens. More on this later - right now I have laundry to fold and spaghetti to clean off the wall. Yes, really.

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Stuff On My Blog said...

ooooh 11 acres of bliss! Congrats on being 'home' :D I totally know what you mean about window coverings, you feel like you're on display for the world without them.