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Friday, November 13, 2009

housebound. augh.

Here is why I'm not liking my life right now:

I can't leave the house.

I mean, I could, if I had twelve arms and super-human strength. But I don't. So I'm stuck here at home and it is making me absolutely insane. You can only walk around the yard with toddlers just so much before you start craving adult interaction.

See, the problem is threefold.

Problem one: Beastie. She won't get dressed. I force her to get dressed and then, as I'm getting everyone else ready, she peels off all her clothes. I put the clothes back on, turn around to get Monkey's car seat, turn back around and she's naked again. This happens eight or nine times before I finally give in and let her wear her pink princess pajama shirt and the bottom to a bathing suit. (And, since it's November in Michigan, we can't exactly go anywhere with a two year old in princess pajamas and a bathing suit bottom.)

Problem two: The Babe. He hates shoes. He hates coats. He hates hats. He wants me to hold him the entire time I'm getting everyone else ready, and then he wants a cup of juice, and then he wants a cracker, and then I have to put his shoes and coat and hat on again. And then I have to go back to problem one and put Beastie's clothes back on.

Problem three: Monkey. Monkey is actually not the problem at all. I put him in his car seat, strap him in, he cries a little bit, we leave. He always falls asleep in the car. But what IS the problem is his dumb car seat. In order to put it in the back seat of the van, I need to have the handle down. But I can't get the damn handle down. The buttons are too hard for me to depress fully so it won't budge. Instead, I have to make sure The Hub puts the handle down before he leaves for work, and I carry it with two hands, which means as I'm putting him in the car, Beastie and The Babe are running around in the garage with no shoes and no clothes on.

By the time I finally get everyone dressed and in the car, I'm too tired to go anywhere.


Stuff On My Blog said...

Some days it's daunting for me to leave home with THREE... I can't even imagine with 5!

Veronica said...

Sometimes going out is just too much work.

And honestly, what is with the stripping? I am so so over the stripping off everytime I stop paying attention.