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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A "no update" Update.

Wanna know why I haven't been blogging much?

Two words: New Baby.

I think Monkey has colic. He's fussy and cries, sometimes screams, every night for a couple hours right after dinner, and then he calms down and goes to sleep around 8:30. It isn't so bad though. Five was a terribly colicky baby and screamed for eight to ten hours a day, for the first seven months of her life, and no, that is not an exaggeration. So a couple hours of fussiness is no big deal really.

Poor Monkey also has thrush in his mouth. It started Thursday, but I didn't really think it was thrush. I thought it was spit up curds on his tongue. Friday I noticed the curds on his gums, but still didn't think it was thrush. Then I tried to wipe them off and his gums bled a little bit when I did. Now his gums and cheeks are covered in it too, so it looks like his first visit to the doctor will be this week. The sooner the better; that stuff looks painful.

I'm excited because EJ only has school on Monday, then she has the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving break. It will be nice to have her home. I feel much more settled when all my kids are in one place. EJ and Five are going to the museum with my aunt on the day after Thanksgiving, and that will be great because it means I can work on their Christmas presents. The kids will be getting two store-bought presents each, and the rest will be handmade by yours truly. I have a post in progress with links to tutorials and patterns for easy handmade gifts - I will try to have that up soon in case you want to make some too.

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