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Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's not that I'm slacking on purpose. It's just that... well, have you ever tried to sit down and write something with a screaming baby, a stinky toddler, a sick two year old, a mouthy five year old, and flippant tween?

Here's the rundown:

Monkey - Cries. A lot. Spits up. A lot. I am going to try eliminating all dairy from my diet and see if that helps him. If not, we eliminate soy. If that doesn't work, we keep going down the list. Maybe he isn't allergic to anything. Maybe he's just a weenie-head. Given his older siblings, that is entirely possible.

The Babe - Clingy. He just wants to nurse and chill out with me all day long, which I wouldn't mind one bit if he was my only child. When I try to make dinner or do laundry, he pulls my pants off trying to get me to hold him. He cries and cries because he wants to be held. I hold him as much as I possibly can, but I kind of wish I had eight extra arms. I tell myself that he'll grow out of this soon, but the next thought is "not soon enough!"

Beastie - Has been sick. It was like the worst cold ever, and it wouldn't go away. She sleeps alot and cries a lot and tells me "My body hurts." A trip to the doctor revealed an upper respiratory infection and sinus infection. She's on antibiotics now and does seem to be on the med, at least a little bit. She'll play now, which is good. She's spent the last week crashed out on my bed watching Nick Jr., and I didn't even mind because at least she was resting. Now that she's up and around, she thinks she needs to watch tv all day. But at least she's feeling a little better.

Five - Keeps drawing pictures of gravestones with her name on it. "Why did you draw this?" I ask, and each time she tells me "So when I die, you can find my grave to put flowers on it." I was so concerned about this. It has been bothering me for days. Then today I found out that a couple weeks ago, she went with my Aunt to put flowers on a friend's grave, and they couldn't find the marker. So it makes sense.

EJ - Mouthy. Talks back, and then cant' understand why she keeps getting time outs and losing privileges. If this is how she acts at eight, I fear fourteen.