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Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 - Year In Review

January - Month of the Auto

- My transmission went out, so I drove 20 miles, in reverse, to my Dad's to get it fixed.

- While the van was in the shop, I drove The Hub's work van. I hit a deer for the first time ever.

- Two days after I got my van back, I was in a drive through and hit a huge, yellow, obvious pole.

February - Month of the Vomit

- I threw up Thanks a lot, hyperemesis gravidum.

March - Month of Natality

- I turned 26 years old.

- My nephew, The Buddha, was born on Good Friday.

- I went to IHOP and ate pancakes. Then I went and saw The Buddha in the hospital.

April - Month of the Reveal

- We found out The Babe was a boy. (Well he still IS a boy, but you know.)

- I got mad at EJ's homeschool program and decided to put her in public school in the fall.

May - Month of the Anniversary

- The Hub and I celebrated five years of marriage.

June - Month of Seven Years

- EJ turned seven, making me officially old.

- The Babe thought it would be cool to have extra fluid, which made me a "high risk pregnancy."

July - Month of One Year

- We went to Ionia and watched fireworks.

- Beastie turned One Year Old, making her an official Beast. (Because you can't call a cute little infant a Beast. But a busy toddler? Yes.)

August - Month of Four Years

- Four turned four. Which I found out, is worse than three, which was worse than two.

- We went to Michigan's Adventure, and I couldn't go on any rides, not even the carousel, because I was enormously pregnant. I did eat Dippin' Dots on a bench though.

September - Month of The Babe

- EJ started public school for the first time on September 2.

- Four started preschool for the first time on September 3.

- The Babe made his amazing appearance on September 4, after three frickin' days of labor.

October - Month of the Postpartum Uglies

- I went crazy.

- I started taking Wellbutrin.

- I stopped being crazy.

November - Month of Gratitude

Not much happened in November.

December - Month of the Snow

- It snowed. A LOT.

- I made felt food for the first time.

- I wrote a blog post about what happened to me in 2008.

The end.

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