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Friday, December 12, 2008

Diabeetis, or a Brain Tumor

I just love my doctor.

Today I went to the doctor, because pretty much my body is totally falling apart. I have migraines every single day, and I'm losing weight rapidly - eight pounds just last week - and I have heart palpitations, and my hair is falling out, and I drink and drink and drink and drink, like a gallon of water a day.

So my doctor's brilliant solution to all of this was to remove several ounces of blood from my body, assuring me I was 'probably fine, maybe diabetic.'

I am an idiot. I know I'm an idiot because I do things like ask questions of doctors and expect yippy skippy answers. I actually asked the doctor - what if I'm not diabetic? Then can you like give me some drugs for my headaches?

She said if I'm not diabetic, she is going to send me for "imaging."

Do you know what imaging is? That's where they put your body on a table and send you into a huge machine, and you have to sit real still and hold onto your fillings so they don't get ripped from your mouth, and this magical magnet takes pictures of the inside of your body. I don't really get how a magnet can take a picture, but then, I don't get how a digital camera can take a picture. Regular film cameras, I get. I understand the premise - photosensitive paper, reacts to light, imprints picutre. Got it. Digital imaging? Magnentic whosywhatzit? Don't get it. Not even gonna try.

Anyway, "imaging" scares the shit out of me. If the doctor wants to put you in a large machine and look inside your body, that means they're looking for something. A doctor would never do that if they were looking for something normal, something that's supposed to be there. What it means is, you have a brain tumor and are going to die they want to make sure you don't have any cellular shrapnel taking up residence in there.

This might seem all hypochondriac, and it probably is, but my grandpa died of brain cancer when he was just 41 years old, in 1972. So I am slightly concerned.

And then, what if I "only" have diabeetis? I won't be able to eat candy or cookies or pie, and I might have to exercise or some shit like that, and I can just see me playing shuffleboard at The Laurels with Wilford Brimley.

Either way, if I ever get another cat, I am so naming it Diabeetis.


Lisa said...

8lbs lost in a week? That's totally bizarre. The thirst thing does sound like diabetes. You can manage diabetes, if you are careful, and you can still live a normal life, so don't stress. I hope you get an answer soon! Good luck!

Tara said...

Dude, you JUST had a baby -- have they checked your thyroid?? Losing hair, losing weight, drinking a lot -- are all signs of an out of whack thyroid -- (namely, hyperactive thyroid) --- did your genius doctor check that? That is likely, as thyroid levels are notorious for going all out of whack after birthing a child ---

Headaches (migranes too) are symptoms too.

I hope you find an answer too mama.

Zeemaid said...

I was gonna say the same thing. Check your thyroid. REading a book on it now and hair loss etc are big time symptoms of thyroid issues. Even if your thyroid is borderline it can still affect you. If diabetes test comes back negative and your thyroid is borderline, I'd push to be sent to an endocrinologist. They have more insignt into helping you.

Lisa said...

Yeah, I didn't really think Thyroid, because usually women have hypothyroid after giving birth (I think), and that tends to make you gain weight. I have hypothyroid disease, but I've had it since I was 16 or 17, so it's all under control, and I never really experienced any of the symptoms (hair loss, feeling cold, trouble going #2, weight gain, etc.). Either way, you should probably see a specialist as suggested.

Stesha said...

I think it is diabetes too, but on a lighter note cool name for a cat.

Anonymous said...

I second the thyroid checking. Did you know that an overactive thyroid is also responsible for a lot of anxiety/mood swings of ppd?
(I'm getting mine checked at my next head shrinker appt)

If it's not that you probably do have "the sugar" as my dad calls it.

Crossing my fingers it's something easy to manage.