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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Great Idea

If you are bored, what you should do is wait for your mom to go to the bathroom, and then get in her desk and get out the superglue.

Then, when your mom comes out of the bathroom and is nursing your baby brother, what you should do is squeeze all the superglue into your hands, and wipe them on your bedroom wall.

Then you can get your baby sister, who's only 16 months old, and put her hands in the superglue too.

If you are still bored after that, you can go in the bathroom and try to wash the superglue off, but get distracted by the big roll of toilet paper.

Did you know you can fit a whole roll of toilet paper down a sink drain, if you rip it in tiny pieces and get it wet first?

If you are still bored after all of that, and are looking for a good laugh, call your mom in the bathroom. When you holler for her, use the same voice you use when you are vomiting in the toothbrush drawer.

Now all you need to do is sit back and watch the hilarity ensue, as mom realizes what you have been doing for the last three minutes.

Terrible Twos? Trying Threes?

Frustrating Fours is more like it.


Issas Crazy World said...

It is so four!!! I thought two and three was bad, but I am not so fond of four. I remembered this from my first, but the four year old I have now...she may not make it too five.

Dude, did you kill the offender? That is just insane. Then again, having super glue in your house may not be a good idea. Hell if I could, I'd remove all scissors from my house. but then I'd need them.

Jenni said...

this post almost makes me want to stay pregnant forever.

Lisa said...

My 4 year old is too well-behaved. She would never do something like this. She is the kid who tattled on herself when she was younger for jumping on her bed by yelling "Mommy, what (name) doin'?" from her room until I came to see and make her stop. She has a huge guilt complex. Now, her 23 month old sister would do this, in a heart beat. In fact, if she weren't napping, I would be suspicious and go check on her right now. So, how do you clean up superglue?!?!?

Baby Bunching said...

OMG....that is so funny and yet, not. Are you sure that's not my house you're talking about?