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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Four by Four.

Four stories, told by Four. Verbatim.

1. The Christmas Story.
One time, there was a lady named Mary, and she went in a barn and she crouched on a manger, like this, [demonstrating] and she tried to push her baby out, but her leg broke, and she fell in the manger, and that's why baby Jesus got born in the manger. And the donkey wanted to eat his hay but he couldn't because Mary was laying her whole body in the manger, and the donkey was mad and called the police, but the police couldn't come because they were putting people in jail.

2. The Fight.
I was at school, and Alissa's mom was there, and Ashley's mom was there, and they were talking, and then they got in a big fight and Alissa's mom had to go to the hospital! [I ask why they were fighting.] Because Ashley's mom called Alissa's mom a retard, and Alissa's mom said "Blah!" to Ashley's mom, and then Ashley's mom beat Alissa's mom up, and Alissa's mom got a broken leg and had to go to the hospital.

3. The Principal.
[I ask Four who she played with at school today.] I played with everyone! No. I didn't play with anyone. Alissa said "I won't play with you because you have blonde hair," and the teacher said I had to go to the principal's office, so I went to the principal's office, and the principal said I wasn't allowed to play with anyone. And the principal told my teacher and my friends that no one should play with me. [That must have made you sad, I say.] No, I wasn't sad because then I played with Alissa.

4. The Bones.
[A little boy waves at Four in the grocery store, and I ask if she knows him.] No I don't, but I saw him at my school. He was on a picture in my school and it said "MISSING BOY" and his parents couldn't find him so they put the picture in the principal's office. Then the principal dug a hole in the floor, and guess what they found? BONES! It was all the bones of the boy, and the principal put them all together and he comed alive! And then his parents put him in the car to go home, but he put his arm in the window, and he had a broken arm and he had to go to the hospital.

As you can see, Four is obssessed with principals, hospitals, and broken bones. She doesn't have a principal at her preschool, and she has never broken a bone, and has never been in the hospital, aside from visiting me and her newborn sister and brother.


Momma Bear said...

she's a hoot-I'm sure she'll crack up when she's older and reading this.

Jennifer said...

What a character! Great story - thanks for the laugh!

I'm following you now on Blogger...would you mind doing the same for me please?


Jenni said...

I love kid stories. I babysit for a 7-yo and her stories always start real and end up totally imagined. example: We had a fire drill in school today. The let smoke in the building and we all had to crawl on the floor coughing until we got out.