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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go check out Qlubb!

Qlubb. You're like, that's a funky name, right? It is, it is. A funky name for a funky site. I've been tooling around it, getting familiar with it, and even signed up for it, and I really like it. And you know what, I think you'll like it too. (And, if you send me your email address, I will send you a super secret super ninja invite to my very own super ninja group!)

Okay so check it out. Your group signs up for Qlubb - it's free - and you then have a central hub where you can organize a calendar of events, add photos, add files, send group emails, and much more. You even get your own custom URL. For example, my Qlubb URL is (And if you join my qlubb, I will post a cool picture in the file sharing section of the site. It will be a picture of me in my new cool hat. You can only get this picture if you email me for the invitation.)

This would be totally great for a school organization, sports team, church group - whatever. You could totally plan a big family reunion with it too. (But I will leave that to you, since I have like, the world's smallest family. Me and all my extended family would easily fit in my living room, and it's a tiny living room. But YOU could plan a family reunion, because I bet you have a way bigger family than me.)

Seriously, go check out Qlubb, then go email me (superninjamommy AT gmail DOT com) and just say "Hey, ninja mom, add me to your group!" and I will hook you up all cool like.

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