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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bah-eee Poo

There's something crazy going on at our house. To the untrained eye, it might seem like a frat party gone horribly wrong... I mean, what's with the naked baby and the potty chairs everywhere? And ... my God ... did that child just pee on the floor??

I know Beastie is very young for "potty training." She just turned eighteen months old the other day. But she isn't being potty trained. She's learning about the potty. And it's just as well, because the only way to keep a diaper on her is with duct tape, and it's a good thing I know that, or we'd never go out in public.

As soon as Beastie feels a wee coming on, she peels off all her clothes - usually accompanied by frustrated, Beast-like screeching - and runs to her potty. She very rarely makes it. Normally she pees in her diaper, or on the floor next to the potty. (It's right about now that I stop bitching about having ceramic tile and Pergo floors.)

The same thing happens with poo, but she's scared to death of it. She sees it on the floor next to the potty, and screams bloody murder and runs in the other direction. I always gently guide her back, then pick it up with a wipe, and bring her to the toilet. The first time I did this, I put the poo in the toilet and waved at it and said "Bye bye poo! Bye!" And she did the same thing. "Bah-eeee, poo! Bah-eeeee!"

So now, whenever she notices anyone in the bathroom, she comes running in and peeks in the toilet - sometimes while someone is still sitting on it. "Poo?" she asks, even if it's not. Then she grabs the handle and flushes. "Bah-eeee! Bah-eeee poo!!"

If it wasn't so cute, it would probably drive me crazy, what with the barging in on me and all.


Momma Bear said...

Your babe is crackin me up! We've come so close to using duck tape to hold the dipes on. Sometimes we put them on backwards but Super N is on to us now.

Momma Bear said...
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Jenni said...

Hee hee, that's how Oscar says "bye" too, Bah-eee, but there's always a question mark on the end, "Bah-eee? Bah-eee?"

I think we might get a potty this weekend - he tells me when he has pooped and will ask for a new diaper: "Poo poo? Poo poo? Die-pur? Die-pur?"

Lisa said...

My 2 year old likes to watch me go potty too. She says "see booty? see 'gina? go pee pee?" which is all well and good at home, but in a public restroom it gets a little weird. Especially when she adds things like "I tooted" or "Mommy poo-poo?" or "spanky Mommy booty?" as a joke. I swear I see devil in her eyes when she says things like that. I love kids this age!