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Monday, February 23, 2009

Barack Obama Loves Corn.

"This is a song my teacher taught me," she said this afternoon, as I picked her up from preschool. "She sang it for President's Day."

And then she sang it to me, and I had to share.

The George Washington Song, by Four

George Washington lived a long time ago,
He was the first president we ever had
Then we got Barack Obama and
He was the next president we ever had (okay this is where it gets weird.)

Barack Obama planted a garden
He planted lots of corn plants
Because Barack Obama loves to eat corn
Corn is great for your body
It gives you strong teeth
And that's why Barack Obama has nice clean teeth
Cause he eats the corn that he grew at the white house
And then he picked some corn and he gave it
To the guy who was being really bad
But the bad guy didn't like corn
So that's why bad guys don't have very nice teeth.
Barack Obama loves corn.

"Wow," I said. "That's a really nice song. I like the part about the corn."

"Yeah!" she giggled. And then,conspiratorially, "Actually my teacher didn't sing that. I just made it up. Pretty good joke, huh Mom?"

Yup. Pretty good joke indeed.


Beth said...

Thats least it wasn't watermelon.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! priceless.

Laura said...

I love kids' senses of humor. I love when my kids say things like that and then add enthusiastically, "Get it?!" Just barely sometimes...

Very cute.