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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When You're Looking For Something to Do

Don't do this. But, what you could do is time it just right so when Mom accidentally falls asleep in the recliner with your little brother, you and your little sister can get the whole bag of oranges out and bite the skins off. Then you can put the pieces of skins in your mom's shoes, and then you can use your fingers to mash the pulp into a juicy nasty mess, and put that in your own shoes.

Mom will smell the oranges and wake up, but she won't see the mess, and you can tell her its the air conditioner (which is a four year old way of saying air freshener) and Mom will go back to sleep before remembering that you guys don't own an air freshener.

Then you can go in the kitchen and open the freezer and find the bag of ice, and get out a couple bowls (one for you and one for your sister) and fill them with ice. Also, you should put pieces of ice all over the house, because then they melt and make nice little puddles for your parents to step on. Mom might even blame one of the puddles on the dog!

And when you're done with all of that, take out all your blocks and dump them in the middle of the living room floor. Mom will be so distracted, she won't find the ice or the oranges until its too late to punish you.


Momma Bear said...

oh good lord! hahaha But I tell you I'd be upset but then have to laugh later!

Lisa said...

Your kids are devious!!! Too funny! I hope all is back to normal now.

Jennifer said...

My little one is only 8-months-old...

I'm. Scared.

Masasa said...

Oh, yeah. Been there.

Veronica said...

Your 4yo sounds like my 2yo. It doesn't get any easier, does it?