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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Big Accomplishment, and Seedy too.

Today is The Babe's birthday; he's five months old. To be honest, that makes me a little bit sad, because it seems like he was a newborn just yesterday. He's my last baby, so I'm doing my best to cherish every moment with him. I know before long, all my babies will be big kids in school like EJ, and I will sit here at home all alone, wondering what to do with my time.

It's not just Babe's birthday - it's also a big day for him developmentally. Today, he rolled over for the first time! You might think he's late for that. He might be. But he also weighs 23 pounds and spends all of his time in my arms, so he hasn't had much chance to learn how, and even if he did, he had to get pretty strong to heft all that weight over.

Of course, now that he's getting so big, I get people all the time asking when we're starting solids. Even the pediatrician, at his four month check up, said we could start cereal. I was like, are you kidding!? I don't care if he's "big enough" - he is not ready. I am a very big believer in baby-led solids, and there is no way I am going to shovel spoonfuls of nutritionally inferior processed "food" into my baby's mouth, fighting to get it to stay down. No way. I've been down that route and am still paying the price, with EJ. I figure, by the time he's in kindergarten, The Babe will most likely be eating solids. Probably. So why worry about it?

Another thing happened today. I found out what "Seedy" means.

Beastie has, for about a week, been holding my face and screaming "SEEDY!" when I'm singing to her. (For some reason I spend a huge amount of time singing to my kids. Probably four hours a day, if you put it all together.) So I'll be singing "Twinkle Twinkle" and she'll grab my face and scream down into my mouth "SEEDY! SEEEDDDDDYYYY!!!"

I tried to figure out what she wanted. "You want Sister?" I'd ask. She'd get so mad and yell again. "Do you want me to stop singing?" Nope, not that. She'd grab my cheeks even tighter. "SEEDY!"
I could not figure this one out. I tried and tried, but without fail, she'd yell "SEEDY!!" every time I sang.

Then, today, a lightbulb. I started singing the Alphabet Song. "Seedy!" Beastie yelled, gleefully. "Seedy!!"
I stopped singing.
"C D?" I asked her. "A B C D?"
She was downright exuberant. "Seedy!"

So now when we sing, we start with Beastie's favorite song - The ABSeedies.


iMommy said...

Don't you just love the total RUSH that you feel when you finally figure out a particularly difficult toddler-speak phrase?

Jennifer said...

That is so adorable! LOL

Just wanted to say 'hi'. Saw your blog on Mom Blog. Great work!

Lisa said...

That's cute!

Zeemaid said...

how adorable is that! AWWW.

Anonymous said...

Beastie is by far my favorite little person I have never met nor seen a picture of. That is just freakin adorable.

There is so much scientific proof that a baby's stomach is not ready biologically for food until at or after six months that it completely floors me that there are still medical professionals out there telling people to start solids early.

Snot! E's found the CD's and not the ABCD's...