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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Poor Baby Beast.

For the past couple days, Beastie has had the runs. Not bad - they weren't stinky and she acted fine, so I just kept her hydrated and waited for it to run its course.

But then she started getting a diaper rash. I treated it first with plenty of fresh air, which if you read my blog at all ever, you know this wasn't a big deal. The kid's always naked anyway. She pooped on the floor (to which she yelled "Poppy! MY BUTT!" but her rash didn't go away.
Then I put some breast milk on it. Didn't work (although it normally does - try it.) Bag Balm. Didn't work. Desitin. Didn't work. I put her in a warm baking soda bath and she wouldn't sit down - she would let the water touch her bum and then she said "Hot! BUTT!" because butt is her new favorite word - but she wouldn't sit in it.
Nothing would touch this rash, and it started looking blistery, so I called the doctor this morning and brought Beastie in. I thought we might need some Nystatin or something.

The doctor looked at her rash, called it a burn (from the acid in the diarrhea) and prescribed some cream whose name I can't remember, but it contains silver. She then looked Beastie over to make sure she was hydrated, and asked if she had been sick. "A little," I told her, "but more like allergies."

So Dr. S. Decided to check my Beast's ears. The right one was red and the eardrum was bulging. The left was full of gunk, so the doctor cleaned it out and my baby girl screamed her little head off, and then the doctor looked in it. "Oh, wow," she said, which is not what this mom likes to hear. "Wow" is never a good word. Ever.

Apparently Beastie's left eardrum has burst from a middle ear infection. I need to say that again. Her eardrum BURST from an ear infection, and I didn't even know she had one. She has not been pulling her ears or crying or acting sick at all. Not at all! Last night when I washed her hair a little water ran down her ear, and she pawed at it, but I just thought it was because it felt funny, not because it hurt. I feel like to worst mom ever.

So now Beastie is on amoxicillin and ibuprofen.
I feel so terrible about my little girl. I think about the other night when she was fussy and I was making dinner, and I sad "[Beastie]! Go find something to do. Mommy is busy!" I should have just held her. But I didn't. My poor baby.

The doctor said since she is feeling okay we can still go, so we're leaving in half an hour, and I am bringing my computer and camera and stuff, so I will update with pics when I have something interesting to show you.


Lisa said...

Aww, you didn't know, don't beat yourself up!!! She must be one tough cookie, geez. I hope she's back to being a healthy little terror as soon as possible :D Have fun on your trip!

Cara said...

Poor Beastie, I hope she's able to enjoy the trip. I agree, don't beat yourself up about it, there's several times Bear's had ear infections & I had no clue anything was wrong with her.

Anonymous said...

My kid never complains about ear infections either. Unless you have x-ray vision there was no way you could've known.

Jenni said...

awww, don't feel bad ninja. let's face it, toddlers act like assholes at least 50% of the time (okay 75% of the time) , so how on earth can we be expected to know if their fussiness is because of illness or assholery? unless they have a flaming fever, it is impossible.

but, I'm glad she's on the mend.

iMommy said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Obviously your gal is a real trooper and didn't complain too much.