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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Resolution Updation.

So far I have eaten one half of a veggie wrap (which would have been great if it hadn't been for all that green shit on it,) and I bought some tofu. Lisa has been telling me about vegetarian eating, and apparently it works for her because she's all healthy and skinny and stuff. I bet vegetarians are actually skinny because all that stuff tastes like cardboard, so they don't eat too much of it. If healthy food tasted like pie, I would eat it all day long. I might even wake up in the middle of the night to sneak some.

The other part of my resolution was exercise. I have yet to do any sort of exercise, although I did go to Hobby Lobby and buy some material, so that should count. I walked from the scrapbook section all the way over to the fabric section. Then I walked alllllllll the way back over because they put the purse rings by the scrapbook stuff, not by the "wearable art," which is just stupid, but maybe they wanted me to burn an extra three calories. Who knows. I think they should be a little less judgemental. Maybe I needed those three calories. Maybe I was saving them for something.

I talked to my sister in law, Trees, about exercising. She is trying to lose weight. See, she is lucky though, because even though she might be curvy, she is also very, very pretty. I am not, so I guess I have to lose some weight to make up for it. Anyway, Trees said she has been using this little fitness bar while she watches cartoons with my nephews. I don't know if it's working. She looks the same to me. And I can say that, because she doesn't read my blog.

Maybe tomorrow I will tell you another funny story or something. In the meantime, there is a big slice of butter pecan cake with cream cheese icing out in the kitchen. And listen! It's calling my name!


Lisa said...

You're funny. I really like eating salad and healthy veg food, I swear. I also like eating pie. And last night after work I went to Steak and Shake and ordered onion rings, french fries and a grilled cheese. All meat-free, true, but hardly healthy. So I'm no saint. I think you're doing well to at least think about making changes in your life. That's a big step!

Zeemaid said...

*LOL* I'm with you there. I'm trying to find sweet food with 0 calories. Closest I've come to is sugar free chocolate covered almonds. (I've found other stuff but this actually tastes like what it's supposed to taste like) The catch.... the runs.... as in to the toilet .... as in very fast... oh and gas. Lots of gas. Give me a chocolate bar already. SHEESH.

Jennifer said...

I literally asked my husband if we had any chocolate in the house before I started reading your blog. LOL! However, I'm not taking the bait if God is trying to tell me NOT to eat it through your post. Nope. Not gonna do it. Today, my diet is on hold. I'll eat some chocolate for you! ;-)

Tara said...

Hey, I am a fat vegetarian lol I have been a vegetarian for nearly 15 years and I am large and lovely, so theory debunked lol

Magnets still sit in an will get them I swear.

Anonymous said...

Lisa may not be a saint, but she IS skinny. I can testify, had coffee with her on Wednesday and I would punch a small animal to look that good right now. Okay, maybe not punch... but I would certainly hug one visciously.

I exercised today for about 5 minutes before the baby woke up. My workout DVD was just done with the warm up. Yay health!