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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am a passive aggressive jerk.

Well, I did it. I did something so unbelievably passive aggressive - so undeniably underhanded and backbiting - I can't even believe it was me doing it. But I did.

I unfriended someone on Facebook.

But listen. I had to. This girl was just annoying the hell out of me with her crazy immaturity and stupid pet names for everyone. (And by stupid, I mean, like middle school stupid. But also unique, so I don't dare publish them.)

I didn't feel bad about it at all. She wasn't anyone I had ever liked in real life, and we had never really talked at all, so I didn't really even think twice about it. I didn't honestly think she would notice. After all, a member of my own (admittedly dysfunctional) family unfriended me on Facebook and it took me a month and a half to notice it.

Apparently, not everyone is like me. Apparently, some people keep tabs on who is friends with them on Facebook. Apparently, some people are highly offended when they are unfriended. Apparently.


Lisa said...

My husband unfriends people on Facebook all.the.time. If he thinks someone is dumb and never really sees them, he'll delete them. He calls it "pruning". I think it is kind of offensive, I don't know, if it were you wouldn't you wonder WHY so and so didn't think you were cool anymore? That would bug me. But whatever, it's not like I keep a list of names printed out. I have also not accepted friend invitations from people I see all the time and don't like as well as people I went to h.s. with and can't remember. I wonder what they think of me??

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how many people I am friends with on facebook, so for all I know many people have unfriended me. Meh.

Also, I have unfriended a person I never talked to from hs because she kept putting up the most annoying updates. That were all pushy religious and grammatically horrid. I doubt she noticed I was gone. There was another unfriending also... but I ain't talking about that one.

iMommy said...

Yeah they don't send out a notification, you have to like, look and see who is on your friend list.

I recently unfriended a few people, too... we just aren't friends!!

Lauri Ann said...

I loved this. I don't notice either, altho on MySpace for some reason they leave a box there with a red X so you know someone deleted. Then I'm curious as heck as to what I did. LOL.

I had to laugh at your comment about being defriended by someone in your own family. My sister defriended me in real life (also dysfunctional family)but she hasn't defriended me in cyberspace yet. LOL.