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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Know You Have Two Under Two If...

... you go to the grocery store, only to realize (on the way out) that your toddler's socks don't match and the baby's shirt is inside out. And you thought you were doing so good!

... you consider Gerber Graduates and strained pears an excellent menu choice.

... someone spits up on the couch, and you just haphazardly swipe at it with a baby wipe (or dirty sock.)

... the dog has gained twelve pounds just by sitting under the high chairs - bad news for a chihuahua.

... your doctor asks what you plan to use for birth control and you just glance knowingly at your progeny.

... you stop caring that your son sometimes wears his big sister's princess pajamas. (Whatever's clean, right?)

... it's four thirty in the afternoon and you realize you haven't brushed your teeth yet.

... a cashier tells you your milk is leaking, and you look down at your shirt instead of the half gallon spewing its contents into the cart.

... you're grateful for daylight savings time because it tricks you into thinking you aren't getting up so early.

... you have ever cut your husband's dinner into tiny little pieces.

... you actually put on a bra, but then forget to do up the nursing flaps.

... you know that a "muffin top" has nothing to do with a delicious bakery item.

... you find yourself singing "The Wheels on the Bus" - in the shower.

... you remind your husband to hold the rail when he goes down the porch steps.

... you have a strong opinion (either way) about Baby Einstein videos.

... you identified with at least one item on this list!


Lisa said...

Very funny! I have def been caught driving down the street singing along to the kids CD for like 20 minutes before realizing I just dropped them off at school and can listen to whatever I want. I feel you, I really do.

Elizabeth Gallo said...

RIGHT there with you!

Sara said...

ha!! i only have one under two and i identify with almost all of this stuff. sigh.

Jenni said...

so, the one about leaking milk? I was like, "Gallon spewing in the cart? Her breasts can't hold a GALLON of milk." and then I was like, Oh. OH.

Lucia said...

LOL! I had three under two (19 month old and then twins!) and boy I answered yes to just about every one of those. Right on!