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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ninja Mom, Where Have You BEEN??

I've been right here, silly. But I've been suffering with that first trimester curse - extreme exhaustion, exacerbated by the fact that I have a seven year old, a four year old, a nineteen month old, and a six month old. (And can you believe I have actually asked myself why I'm so tired? As EJ would say, "Duh, Mom." Duh, indeed.)

Also, I have this problem where I take on eight or ten or forty projects at once, and try to do them all. I am making a cool hobo bag, which is taking me days and days because I have four kids and limited time, and I'm putting together a weeks' worth of giveaways for you all (hint: there will be books, baby stuff, and lots of surprises!) Also, I'm writing a book. I've written half of a first chapter, which doesn't sound like much, except I've written and rewritten it at least thirty-six times. All I know is someone's gonna die, and probably they're gonna get hit by a train. But so far I can't get past that first half chapter.

Is there more? Why yes, yes there is. I applied for a scholarship to midwifery school and started fostering rabbits for a local rescue organization. Then I went and bought a brand spankin' new sewing machine. The sewing machine has a computer in it, and it has a pretty big learning curve. (But oh! the smooth stitches, the quiet motor, the self threading needle... it's a beautiful thing.) Oh and then - then! I decided to get born twenty-seven years ago today, so I've been doing the whole birthday thing. You might be interested to know that I came out sunny-side up, with a mouth full of teeth and smiling like the Cheshire Cat. (Okay that last part isn't true. But I did come out face up.)

So when you ask where Ninja Mom has been, think of the last four hundred things you did, and try to do them all at once. That's where I've been. Because I am just that together.


Beth said...

Happy Bday! Your 27 have 4 kids and your preganant again? Did I read that right? You apparently are breeding like a rabbit as well. Damn your brave.

Jenni said...

just a belated congratulations on number five. i'm really pretty impressed that with two under two you manage to have sex. seriously, that's quite an accomplishment.

Momma Bear said...

hehehe their comments made me crack up- Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

Well, I'M glad your back. I've been bored to tears... and btw, happy belated birthday!

Susan Busch said...

Hi! I saw a link to your recent morning sickness post over on Baby Bunching Bests ... congratulations on number five!!! I am in awe of all you do now and all the more you will be doing come the fall. Maybe I should quit my whining about how tough two toddlers are over on my blog ...

Take care,