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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Projects Completed!! Here is the evidence...

The Easter projects are finished!! I am really excited about these because everything worked out so beautifully. I only had one little problem with the eggs and that was my fault - one of them didn't get sewn properly so he ended up with a hole in one end. I just turned him back inside out and sewed it up, problem solved.

Here are pictures!!!

I used eight different fabrics - two for each egg - and cut and sewed ninety-six pieces of fabric for these. These are so unbelievably simple to make - completely idiot-proof. The hardest part is hand sewing the little hole where you stuff them, but it's okay, I recruited my mom to help with that part. (Thanks Mom!)

These rabbits are completely my own design. I found a pattern online for THE most adorable bunnies (you can see it here) but they were quite small and required - eek! - handwork. And I don't do handwork. I probably could if I tried, but listen, I'm not going to try. So what I did was borrow the basic shape of that rabbit, enlarged the size on my screen, and made a little pattern. Then I cut them, sewed them, and painted on their faces with fabric paint. Then I stuffed and sewed their bums and put on the ribbon. The ribbon is sewn on for safety.

Details are everything - here are the bunny bums! I am thinking of making some of these and selling them to benefit EARTH, a rescue group I volunteer with. EARTH rescues every kind of animal, but I work with the bunny part. Cause, you know, I like having lots and lots and lots of things to do.

Here are all the bunnies and eggs. The ribbons match the eggs - EJ is getting purple, Four is getting pink, Beastie's are red/yellow, and The Babe's are orange/rainbow. Don't you just lurve them??


schnider_am said...

Great bunnies and eggs!! You did a great job. I wish I could sew. Im no good at it, I dont have that kind of attention span LOL.

Elizabeth Gallo said...

I'm doing some bunnies based on a pattern, too -- but I'm doing them all by hand since I don't have a sewing machine! eek! I hope I can finish in time. Will email pics --

Lisa said...

THOSE EGGS ARE AWESOME!!!! The bunnies are cute too. Next year I will pay you to make eggs for me.