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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So much to do...

I have so much to do before the new baby comes. Here is a partial list - I'm thinking I might put this in the side bar so I stay on task and get things done. Maybe by making it public, I'll be more accountable to myself.

  • Clean and organize everything - bookshelves, dressers, craft table.
  • Strip the peeling wallpaper and either paint or re-wallpaper.
  • Get a large piece of carpet to cover the wood floor.


  • Sort toys. Buy organizing bins and shelves, etc.
  • Prime and paint the walls; lecture about using walls as art canvas.
  • Get a large piece of carpet to cover the wood floor.
  • Seriously stick to my guns on keeping it clean and tidy.


  • Organize desk area; pack things away, etc.
  • Organize pack -n- play/changing area (yes this is in my dining room. I have a very small house.)
  • Sort and donate the cooking magazines.
  • Keep top of entertainment center clean.
  • Scrub walls, fill nail holes, paint if necessary.
  • Clean out and organize hall closet.


  • Tidy desk (and cupboards above it.)
  • Sort pantry, donate what we won't use.
  • Clean out and scrub refrigerator.
  • Clean oven & replace light bulb.
  • Clean tops of cupboards.


  • Scrub bathroom thoroughly, including floor grout.
  • Organize all the toiletries.
  • New shower curtain & decorations (palm trees are just bugging me lately.)
  • Wash walls and/or paint.
  • Install storage over the toilet.


  • Pull weeds around front porch and in the brick pathway.
  • Keep the clematis tied up and not all over like always.
  • Prune the big crazy bush by the garage.
  • Finish planting garden.
  • Fill planter boxes outside girls' windows and plant Four's seeds there.
  • Replace net around trampoline.
  • New sandbox?

This is just the beginning. I have a lot to do to prepare for the birth itself, and there are other projects I'm involved with as well. But it's good for me. Keeping my mind and hands busy works better than Wellbutrin.

Now, let's see... I think I'll start on the kids' room this morning.


Lisa said...

We have a list like this too. Not sure where I put the list... maybe in that pile of crap on the counter I was supposed to go through?
Good luck with your spring cleaning!

MoodyMommy said...

Ohhhhh, My!! I wish I could help!!! Take it one day at a time and do not stress...It will all get done....

MG @ MommyGeekology said...

Wow, what a list! I like to track my tasks at they probably have a widget or something you could use to put that on your sidebar and keep it up to date! :)