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Monday, May 18, 2009

YumYum Food

I don't do 100% homemade baby foods. I just don't have time, unfortunately. But I do make a few things at home, and this is The Babe's favorite meal.

Thoroughly wash one apple (preferably organic - apples have huge amounts of chemicals applied to them.) Do not peel. Cut it into fourths and take out the seeds, and steam it in a little water until soft. Slip off the peel and mash the cooked apple with one half a banana. Strain if desired. Refrigerate.

Place a few tablespoons in a bowl and add enough goat's milk to make it really runny. Then add cereal, whatever kind your baby likes, until it's the consistency your baby needs. Personally, I don't think its a good idea to start out with really runny foods. I tried that, and it was a huge mess and hard for The Babe to handle. Instead I make the baby foods quite thick. Maybe babies who are accustomed to using a bottle (and thus have weaker muscles) should have very thin foods. I don't know, because my bottle fed babies went straight to finger foods. (I'm kind of a lazy baby feeder, I guess, but no one has suffered any ill effects.)

This keeps for a day or two in the refrigerator, or you can omit the banana and freeze it in cubes. You can also add other fruits to make a mixed fruit medley. The Babe likes strawberries, but supposedly you're not supposed to feed them because of allergies. (I say, psh. I'm not worried about allergies.) I bet you could add rehydrated raisins (ground) and cooked carrots to the apple and make it like carrot cake. I'm not going to try that, because it just sounds like a lot of work. But you can.

Also, you can of course substitute breast milk for the goat's milk. I don't have enough supply to do this, especially being pregnant. I don't like infant formula and prefer whole goat's milk as a breast milk substitute, but if your baby is accustomed to drinking formula, by all means add that if you prefer.


Anonymous said...

I miss the days of homemade baby food...

Jennifer said...

Yumm-ers! I'll have to try this one for my boy!

Court said...

wow thanks, this sounds good and actually easy to do!