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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When Babies Die

There are no words that really express what it feels like when your baby dies. And there are none to express the deep grief you feel for another family facing a loss. When a baby dies, words of sympathy seem frivolous and cliche.

But as empty as the words may seem, the recipient appreciates them. They understand all too well the impossibility of the situation, and it's helpful to know they aren't grieving alone.

And to that end, I ask that you click over and visit Breedermama today. Her infant niece passed away yesterday, not even two months old. This is a tragedy for two families - the family who lost a child and generously donated his or her heart, and the family who's child received the heart but who's body couldn't, for whatever reason, make that heart work.

The enormity of grief can be made marginally smaller with your words of comfort. Won't you send her and her family some beautiful, healing thoughts?

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