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Monday, May 11, 2009

What I do in my free time...

... is rescue stuff that needs rescuing. Last Thursday I picked up four severely neglected rabbits from our main facility and brought them back here. One, Buddy, had the worst feet I have ever seen - bloody and abscessed. He'll need special care for quite awhile, but he ended up in the hands of another volunteer who is very knowledgeable and has a quiet, safe home for a scared injured Californian rabbit.

Another Californian, Pearl, went to another foster home, where she is learning how to use her litter box and what its like to eat hay and greens. The other two rabbits, sister New Zealands, will stay with me until placement. Jade doesn't have a tail anymore, because I cut it off. (Not the actual tail, but all the hair.) She had urine and feces matted in it so bad that she could hardly move it, and when I got all that off, you could see the skin of her tail was actually burned and red from all the urine.

So my new foster is coming tonight, and he isn't a lagomorph (which means rabbit, in case you don't feel like googling it.) It's a little weird for me, because I only do rabbits. I said, I ONLY DO RABBITS. But you can tell people that all you want - when they hear that you're in rescue, who's the first person they call when they find a stray? Yep. You got it.

Tonight I'm getting a well mannered, completely potty trained, soon-to-be-neutered chihuahua. He was a stray that some people found wandering, and attempts to locate his owner have been futile. So he's coming to me, and I am going to call him ROCKSTAR. Not rockstar, not rock star, not Rock Star, but ROCKSTAR in all caps like that. I will post a picture of him when he comes - hopefully he will get along with Petey, our morbidly obese chihuahua.

In the meantime, go see the rescue bunnies at EARTH's rabbit rescue blog!


The Nicholson Family said...

YAY for getting ROCKSTAR! I'm sure he and Petey will get along quite well.

Jennifer said...

Yes! I love the chee hoo-a hoo-a's! Waiting for the pictures... NOW.