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Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Wrecker.

home and wrecker: the idea that a family and a home have been destroyed by one person, and thus the home is "wrecked".

Does any of this qualify?

- Placing two pounds of cheese in the cabinet overnight, then exclaiming "Look! Its all squishy!"

- Cutting all the fur off a stuffed rabbit.

- Cutting some of the fur off a real dog.

- Using markers to create a mural... on the floor.

- Crushing chocolate teddy grahams into the rug.

- Methodically tearing all the pages out of the "I Spy" book.

- Putting spaghetti sauce all over the dining room curtains.

- Squirting all the toothpaste into the sink.

- Squirting all the diaper rash cream into the sink.

- Dumping all the baking soda into the diaper pail.

- Throwing all the shoes out the front door into the rain.

- Pouring the dog food all over the kitchen floor.

It needs to stop raining. My house can't take these little homewreckers much longer.


Susan Busch said...

Hi Ninja ... LOL, thank god someone else's house is getting destroyed along with mine ... it gets so discouraging. At least we know it's not worth it to try to replace any home furnishings or decor at this point. Perhap in another twenty years we will all live happily in pristine museums!!!

Stuff On My Blog said...

oh MY, it sounds like it really does need to stop raining LOL. We've got a bit of that going on here too right now. Hired dvd movie to the rescue ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least your diaper pail has been throughly de-odorized!