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Friday, June 5, 2009

Random things I know

There are things you learn as you go through life - little mundane things, but important in their own right. They're the things that no one ever taught you; and I have a ton of them. I bet by the time I'm old, I will be a certifiable genius.

Things I Know

The cake is very close to done when you can smell it baking throughout the house.

Underwear gets cleaner if you wash it inside out.

Toilet paper should always roll UNDER. If you set it up to roll over, you need to use both hands to tear it, and can spread personal germs to the toilet paper that someone else will be using. Might not sound like a big deal, unless the person who used it before you has trich or crabs or norovirus. Then it's a very big deal.

You should always wash the tops of cans before opening them, to prevent dust and germs from getting into your food. Especially if the food isn't going to be cooked, like tuna.

Adding a tiny bit of vinegar to mayonnaise will make the mayonnaise liquefy, but you won't taste the vinegar. That's good to know for salad dressings and such.

You should always add salt to sweet things. Just a tiny pinch will cut the sweetness to a manageable level, but more importantly, will bring out the true flavor. For instance, vanilla frosting taste much more vanilla-y with a pinch of salt added.

Have two pairs of scissors in your house - one for cutting paper, and one for cutting fabric. Paper dulls scissors, and you need very sharp scissors to cut cloth.

Save your coffee grounds, then add them to your garden for big beautiful plants.

If you wash clothes and the stains don't come out the first time, don't put them in the dryer. The heat will set the stain. (If you've tried to remove the stain three times, forget it. Call that outfit "play clothes" and just quit worrying about it.)

If you're bugged by bugs in the house, sprinkle a line of Borax around the interior perimeter. It's safe, and bugs hate it (especially ants.)

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. Almost all of that was new to me. Thanks!