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Monday, July 13, 2009

In boring business meetings, they call this housekeeping.

It's a busy day around here today...

I've been featured over at One Year Apart. Susan's little ones are just a year apart, like mine, and she was my very first follower here at Two Under Two. She's an excellent writer, but I wish she'd blog more often (hint, hint!) If you're expecting babies close together, or are just interested in a more in-depth look at close siblings, go check her out. You won't be disappointed!

Okay next order of business. I'm having a garage sale! No, you can't buy my garage. You wouldn't want to, trust me. But you can buy all the crap that would go in my garage, were I to have a garage sale. Right now I've only got eleven things listed, but my living room is full of stuff ready to be posted. I've got homeschooling supplies (curriculum, idea books, etc etc etc,) tools for the handy person, maternity clothing, jewelry, household goods, antiques, and much more. My prices are high because I love to haggle, so please make me an offer. Money is very tight around here and I need every extra penny I can get. So buy my crap, ya heard.


If you don't want to buy my stuff, kindly click the black google sponsored ad up there on the right, under my other sponsors. Thanks. You rock.

Last online order of business - I'm starting a new exciting super fun pee-your-pants-with-excitement blog meme!

I forced asked my friend Janet to make me a web button, and she did! It's because she's awesome, and also because she loves me dearly. (Can you blame her? Me neither.) You'll be able to snag the button later this afternoon, when I introduce the meme, and you'll be able to participate on your own blog, and you will LOVE it. Truly truly. It won't require much work or effort on your part - I hate memes where you have to like write stuff and crap. You'll see more later today when I get that part all set up.

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Sooooooo meme? :)