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Monday, August 10, 2009

ch ch ch ch changes (turn and face the strain)

okay, so I'm no David Bowie. (And now I have that damn song stuck in my head.) But I wanted to let you all know that there are some (sort of) big changes about to happen here at Two Under Two. Don't worry - I'll still be updating regularly and as far as content, everything is going to stay the same. But I want to brighten things up around here, get a fresh new look, and streamline all the stuff in my sidebars. For instance, there are so many cool blogs that I want to show you, but the blog list on the left sidebar is just so messy and hard to navigate.

There are also going to be changes as far as sponsors and ads. BlogHer has invited me to participate in their ad program (which is a huge ego boost, because they haven't been accepting new publishers for quite some time.) I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that none of the ads and sponsors distract greatly from the content.

The main thing you're going to see is the new template. I'm planning on a very colorful, fresh, wicked cool template and theme, so don't be alarmed if you click over here and everything looks radically different. I'll make it all as painless as possible, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

It's lookin' purty so far.