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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Juicy Tidbits

I'm not up for a full length post just yet. I'm still sick (and no, I haven't seen a doctor, because I think they're crooks - more on this later) but am definitely on the mend. I had been keeping the fevers away with tylenol, and yesterday morning I was able to skip the medicine. No fever since then, which is a great sign. I'm still tired and coughing and stuffy, and I sound terrible when I talk, but I am worlds better than I was. I was even able to go to the grocery store this morning, which Dr. Google says is okay, because you can return to normal activities without worrying about infecting others so long as your fever has been gone for 24 hours.

So. Some random things I've been meaning to blog about...

  • We found the cats and brought them here. I didn't bring them food for a day and half, so when I brought them some Nine Lives, they were all over it. The Hub grabbed them and crammed them into a crate that would have been big enough, if they hadn't been completely freaking out. All the way home, Mr. Flower went mrrrrAOWOWOWOW, and once, Jack went mew. When we got here, Jack had eaten all the food and Mr. Flower was still hungry. This probably explains why Jack wasn't saying much.

  • Beastie's new trick is asking permission for everything. "Can I get on this chair?" "Can I eat this banana?" "Can I read this book?" "Can I use this blanket?" And if I don't answer her the first time, she follows up with "Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I?" I told The Hub I am going to start calling her Vista, because she asks my permission for each and every ridiculous thing - never anything important.

  • If you have four kids, a husband, a dog, some guinea pigs, a couple cats, two pet mice, and a fish tank, and you live in a ~1000 square foot, two bedroom house, I highly recommend that you MOVE. You might think it's harder to keep a 2700 square foot house clean than a smaller one, but it's not. It's a hell of a lot easier. I finally have a place for all my stuff. In fact, I think I need more stuff, because parts of my house still echo with emptiness. The dining room is a big culprit - Beastie and The Babe think it's great to run around in there while I make dinner, screeching like little banshees, and the echo just makes you want to stab your eardrums.

  • My morbidly obese chihuahua, Petey, doesn't like birds. Our friend gave us a birdfeeder and The Hub put it right outside my sliding glass doors, and Petey, having never seen birds or sliding glass doors before we moved here, thinks they are intruders. He spends all day sitting in front of the door, staring at them and barking every now and then. And also, he keeps running face first into the door when he has to go potty, instead of waiting for me to open it.

  • Five had a kidney infection, but is on the mend with antibiotics and lots of cranberry juice. While we were at Urgent Care (yes, I do take my kids to those crooks) my mom came and sat with the babies and made sure EJ got off the bus safely. She also washed all the new baby's clothes and folded them all nice and put them on the shelves of the changing table. Now all we need is a baby, and we've got less than a month to go.

Edit: I almost forgot to tell you about the old man I saw at the grocery store!! He was with his wife and both were in their seventies at least. She was wearing typical grandmotherly type clothes. He was wearing - get this shit - white knit short-shorts and pantyhose! The really shiny, obvious kind. And, I hate to admit this, but the guy had really great legs.


Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

I hope you feel better soon! Put Vicks on the bottom of your feet then put on cotton socks to get rid of your cough (I swear it works!). I am still giggling about the old man in pantyhose...what a sight!

Lisa said...

He probably has a clotting problem or poor circulation or edema or something. Lots of old people have to wear compression hose, they're called TED hose. I doubt he was wearing them for pleasure.