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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A name and a face.

You know I'm a little funny about sharing pictures of my kids online. I don't even share their names online (but it's cool, because I really do call them by the nicknames I use. Beastie really is Beastie in real life.)


Baby boy has chosen his name, and to celebrate, I thought I'd share a picture of his face.

Allow me to introduce...

Ean Matthew!

Sorry the picture is blurry. He really despises the camera flash, so I have to take pictures on "night" setting. Even the tiniest movement blurs the picture.

I feel okay, considering. I found a tear that I didn't know about. I couldn't see or feel it due to the swelling. It's not worthy of a stitch and even if it was, its not in a stitchable place. It hurts. My pelvic bones hurt, and so does my back. I had this back pain with all my other babies too, and I always associated it with the epidural. Obviously I was wrong about that because there wasn't an epidural this time. Heck, there wasn't time for a back rub, let alone an epidural.

It's so funny because when I was planning the birth, I had all these ideas of the way things would go. I bought special scented candles, and had a special "birthing nightie" picked out. I had a playlist of music I wanted to labor to, and The Hub and I had practiced relaxation and massage techniques.

I didn't use any of those things. I birthed in a stained, hole-y t-shirt on the friggen toilet of all places. There were no candles, no music. I spilled blood and amniotic fluid all over my beautiful new bath mat. I roared as the head was born and I laughed as his body slipped out.

And it was just totally perfect. I can't really imagine it going any other way. I think I would have been too inhibited by fear of mess to have him in my bedroom, and I didn't have time to even think about filling up the bathtub. The breezeway was full of children's books that night, since there was no time to clean up.

I am really, really glad I decided to clean the toilet on Monday though...


Jenni said...

he's very cute, and what a great name.

sounds like your birth was perfect, and i'm glad you are recovering well.

Stuff On My Blog said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! (see we told ya you wouldn't be pregnant forever hehe) Welcome to the world little one :)

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

How adorable! Happy Mommy Hood!

Jen said...

Congrats! You are truly a Super Ninja Mommy now- that birth story is amazing! So glad that everything went well (even though it wasn't exactly as planned!) and Ean is healthy! :) Hugs!