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Sunday, October 4, 2009

no baby yet.

I bet you thought that since you hadn't heard from me, I've given birth.


nope. Just have a serious case of the late-pregnancy blahs. I am exhausted and even though I've started writing plenty of posts, I just can't seem to finish them. I'm too easily distracted these days, and just so tired. We're all in good health, though, and maybe soon I can finish the post I started on breast feeding versus bottle feeding (it might surprise you), or the one I nearly finished about teh fat! and how it doesn't scare me, or the very important one about Five and her suspected learning disabilities (and trying to homeschool her, which is turning out to be a joke.)

Instead, here are some quick blurbs, because I just can't seem to muster a full post about anything.

* Beastie has decided she wants to join a music show, because, in her words "I wike to whyme."

* A boy at EJ's school has a crush on her and writes her notes all the time, distracting her in school, and she won't tell him to stop because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. This terrifies me, because at eight years old, it's no big deal, but as a teenager, she'll need the skills to be able to say no. I don't want her to become a statistic simply because she's too nice to tell a guy to back off.

* Five's kidney infection is all cleared up, but she's still peeing her pants, and the regression has me seriously concerned. She goes in for a complete evaluation this week, including speech, emotional development, physical development, and more.

* The Babe's new trick is wrapping his little arms around my neck, making kissing noises, and then biting me on the chin.

* I have contractions all day long but they never turn into real labor, and that's fine with me. I'm not really ready, emotionally, to deal with the baby just yet. Give me another week or two.


Jen said...

Love your posts. Can't wait to read about breast-feeding vs bottle feeding. Wow.. you are my hero. You are pregnant and holding all the kids together, and one with a kidney infection! AND home schooling?! You rock.

Good luck with the new little one. Post pictures! :-)

Stuff On My Blog said...

Don't get too stressed about homeschooling your 5yo! I do a letter a week and a little work with writing readiness (his fine motor skills kinda suck, but ask to kick a ball etc and he's on it!), read a story to her, let her draw pictures & pick flowers. There's plenty of time for academic stuff.

Plus the eval for learning disabilities might reveal specific things that can help her learn with less stress :)

So, in short, try to relax... don't worry about us out here in blogland ;)...and go have a baby when you're in the mood lol

nava said...

I understand taking your kid in for an evaluation (frankly, if I had any kind of health coverage whatsoever, I would do the same thing) but regression right now makes sense; moved to a new house, new baby on the way, makes sense to me. When I was little I would start wetting the bed again every time we moved (and we moved a lot). My parents just starting getting me a shiatsu treatment each time to take care of it, basically letting out the stress that I was alleviating with bedwetting.
As for homeschooling, I had whole years where homeschooling was a joke, and I still wound up getting a bachelor's degree, so don't stress that area either. You'll do fine.
So excited for your new baby though, Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Haute Mama said...

Sending the *baby wait* vibes your way..LoL!

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