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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Self-Inducing Labor

Here's what I've tried:

Spicy foods - didn't work. Probably because I love spicy foods and eat everything the hotter the better. I'm kind of known for carrying around a bottle of habanero sauce to add to everything. I like it in sweet stuff even. I think the theory is that spicy foods will trigger intestinal discomfort, which may bring on contractions, but if your tummy is accustomed to super-hot foods anyway, it won't do the trick.

Castor Oil
- gave me a wicked stomach ache. It felt like I had drank a glassful of lava. It didn't give me the runs and it didn't start labor. However, I think it's important to note that I took only half of a child size dose because frankly, the thought of shitting all day does nothing for me, and the trade-off (shit all day, go into labor) just isn't worth it.

Sex - terribly awkward, made The Hub happy, no baby. But at least I don't have to deal with a cranky husband in addition to being forty seven months pregnant.

Pulsatilla (homeopathic remedy) - this was prescribed by my midwife to help turn the baby from posterior to anterior. It also helps sluggish contractions, unless you're me. The baby turned night before last, but this morning was very clearly posterior again. Also, no labor contractions, just uncomfortable prodromal labor. Pulsatilla - psh.

Nipple stimulation - I've been allowing The Babe to nurse on demand, which I hadn't been up until now because it's so uncomfortable. He's loving it and nursed literally non-stop yesterday, but - you guessed it - no baby.

Fresh Pineapple
- This is the most delicious self-induction trick I've heard of. I ate the pineapple - well, not the whole thing - and it was juicy and sweet and tasty, but so far, it hasn't done anything to induce labor.

Walking - we've walked up and down our road more than I care to think about. It makes my back hurt and tires me out, but so far, has done nothing to get things moving labor-wise. I tried the mall and the grocery store too but all that resulted in was me buying a bunch of doughnuts and a pizza.

Crying - I hear that having a good cry will make the baby come out. Luckily, it's easy to cry when your baby is being stubborn. I bawled my eyes out this morning, and I swear I heard the baby laughing at me in there.

Evening Primrose Oil - It comes in little capsules. You poke the capsule with a pin and stick it up your hooha, as far as you can. Supposedly it ripens the cervix. I have also heard that you can take it orally, and that it might actually work better that way. I tried the first method... I haven't had a cervical check so I don't know if it worked, but it sure didn't bring on labor.

Acupressure - Dr. Google says there are pressure points all over the body, and when you stimulate certain ones, labor will start. This appears to be complete baloney... but I'm still spending an inordinate amount of time pressing between my thumb and forefinger.

All of this, and the baby still won't budge. I read that anxiety produces hormones that might have the opposite effect - delaying labor - so I guess it's on to the relaxation techniques.


Jenni said...

you'd have to take a lot more castor oil - 2oz and then 2oz more five or six hours later. That's what I did and it did start pre-labor, but the baby didn't come for 2 more effing days.

how bout red raspberry leaf tea? black cohash? good luck.

Joanna said...

I've heard eggplant parmesan works pretty well. Something about the eggplant being baked, I suppose.

ImogenSky said...

I couldn't bring myself to choke down castor oil. I went 5 days late with both girls...and I foresee the same with this one.

I tried evening primrose oil, and red raspberry leaf tea, I hope something works for you and soon!

Jenny said...

The night before I went into labor, I drank two cups of RRL tea and, on the advice of a doula friend, went up the stairs two at a time. I did it a few times and was pretty tired; it was hard to get my leg up high enough for two stairs. I don't know if any of it worked. I was nine days late, anyway, so she had to come out sometime. I hope it happens for you soon--I know how frustrating it is to wait!

Jen said...

If you really want to jump-start labor, try the castor oil again. I think I had 3 tablespoons in some juice. My daughter was born less than 24 hours later. It works. Not pleasant, but it works.

The very old wise one said...

The last thing I ate before I went into labor with my newest one was Ramen noodles...I am convinced that it what did it and I didn't want to have him yet, he was early. Also for accupressure, there is a spot on your leg, three fingers above your ankle on the back of your leg. You need to alternate between that and the hand point.