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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gender Bending.

We went to the grocery store today. Both boys needed to nurse, so I sat on the bench with them while The Hub used the self checkout. After a little while, the girls came to sit with me too.

There was a person in the checkout next to The Hub. We were only thirty feet or so away - definitely in earshot - when Five suddenly exclaims, "Look! That man has a pony tail!"

EJ, being the ever-knowledgeable older sister, gives her a disapproving look and says, in her most knowing voice, "That's not a man with a pony tail. It's a woman with a beard."

"Not it's not!" Five yells. "That is a man! See his boots?"

"Those aren't boots!" EJ screams. "Those are hiking shoes like Mom's, and that is a woman!"

"Then why does she have a beard?"

I was busy shushing them, figuring we could talk about this in the car, when the person picked up the bags and started the leave the store. That's when Five saw what was in one of the bags.

"I TOLD you that was a man! He bought chili!"


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Very funny!

Jenni said...

this one made my sides ache.

Anonymous said...

These kids should really take their act on the road. Seriously? Five's punchline is comedy gold. When in doubt of gender- always check for chili.