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Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday To Do

Here's my "To Make" list.... it's really quite depressing to me that I haven't gotten much done yet. I guess I just haven't been in the holiday spirit. You can go ahead and call me Scrooge.

I Spy bags - finished 1 of 6
(EJ, Five, Beastie, The Babe, and my nephews, Spidey & The Buddha)

Fabric Ball
(The Babe)

Fleece baby blocks - finished 2 of 3

Felt Board
(EJ, Five, Beastie)

Fleece Mouse

Hooded Capelet
(My mom)

Popsicle stick Sewing Basket
(My grandma)

Papier Mache Faux Bois
(My dad and stepmom)

And then I need to come up with something for MIL, FIL, my grandpa, and my stepdad. The next couple weeks look insanely busy.....

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