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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't Act Like You're Not Impressed, version 2.0

So, you might have seen my first blog award. If you didn't, send your eyeballs on a little trip over there <---- and see it. See it? SEE IT!? Well. Let me just tell you something else. I got another one. Yes, another one! Not the same one. This one is from the fabulous Tara at Cupcakes for Dinner, and check it out. I am the very first recipient of this award. I took this award's virginity. How rad is that!? Okay, I will show you the award in this post, before I put it on my trophy wall, which, in case you forgot to look, is over there <----. See. Okay here is my new award.
Here are the award rules...

1. Create a blog entry telling all your adoring fans that your blog wins awards because it is tres awesome.

2. Put award in your entry, and link me up real nice-like.

3. Now get drunk with power as you choose 5 more people to receive The official uber cool, made-up Cupcake Award. Link them in your blog entry and watch pandemonium ensue as they explode with excitement over their accolade.

4. Put your award on your blog using the 'add picture' widget. Link back using the URL option in the picture widget.

5. Eat a cupcake. You've won this award because your blog is like a cupcake -- a delicious treat I can't get enough of.

Okay, now to choose five that I love. This is the hardest part. (Also hard: making links that open in a new window. okay, not hard, but time consuming. So these ones aren't going to. But you better come back here after you check these blogs out, okay? Or else.)

Alright... I bestow this award upon ...
Breedermama at The Breeder Files. Who loves ya baby!
Zeemaid at In the Mommy Trenches
Susie at Be Strong and Courageous
Jenni at Oscarelli, and I hope she doesn't come get this for awhile because that means the baby came out! Woo!!

So that's only four. ]shrug[

Thanks so much Tara!! You rock my socks like chicken pox in a locked box of cocks! (cocks like roosters, though, not weiners, because ew. A box of weiners?)


Tara said...

Yay! It looks good on you!

Jenni said...

Ah, thank you thank you! I am not worthy. Also - baby is coming on Thursday. I never though I'd be so happy to be sliced and diced.